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Château Saint-Pierre de Fenouillet

Contrary to its nearby neighbors in the Aude, the château des vicomtes de Fenouillet was not remodeled as a royal fortress after the territory was annexed by the French crown in 1258 under the Treaty of Corbeil-Barcelona.

Lovers of old stones in the heart of sublime landscapes, come and treat yourself!

Rare evidence of a feudal castle

Archeological excavations have uncovered and preserved elements of the castrum and a chapel dedicated to Saint-Pierre.

Free access all year round (explanatory panels on site).

You can admire the view of the castle as you climb to the Sabarda tower.


To complete the visit…

As Fenouillet castle wasn’t remodeled after the annexation to the kingdom of France, what would you say to visiting the royal fortresses too?

The nearest are those of Puilaurens and Quéribus.

Before the visit

Video review of the story of a renaissance


Château St Pierre de Fenouillet
Château St Pierre de Fenouillet
Château St Pierre de Fenouillet