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Le Fajas d'en baillette

Over 500 years old, this 30-metre-high, 5.75-metre-circumference beech in the heart of the Le Vivier municipal forest has been classified as a remarkable tree.

Go and meet the Fajas d’en baillette

Get yourself a pair of walking shoes and a bottle of water: en route!

The "remarkable tree" label

Remarkable trees are living beings that present interesting characteristics of age, dimensions, aesthetics, particularities, location, history or legend.
They are elements of natural and cultural heritage.

Another species, the holm oak (Quercus ilex) reigns supreme in Fenouillèdes

The kingdom of the holm oak, the tree symbol of the Mediterranean forest, is dark and cool. The holm oak is a tree that lets little light through to the ground, despite its small leaves.

It’s perfectly adapted to the heat  its leaves are evergreen, hard and covered with a protective layer on top (which makes the leaf shiny) and hairs underneath (which give it that white color). On the same tree, you’ll find leaves of very different shapes (oval, round, prickly or very smooth).

As a resource tree, it was once indispensable to the daily lives of villagers, and all parts of the tree were used. The hard wood of the holm oak, which can be polished like marble, was used to make many tools and mechanism parts. Its bark was used to tan hides, and the acorns served as animal feed.