Biscuiterie L'authentiqueBiscuiterie l'authentique Saint Paul de Fenouillet (56)
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Croquant: a Fenouillèdes classic

Bite into Fenouillèdes

Often copied but never equalled, this cookie, with its subtle lemon flavour, is made with:

  • eggs,
  • flour,
  • raising powder,
  • sugar,
  • lemon
  • almonds.

The ancients used to enjoy it with a glass of sweet wine.


Getting your hands dirty

during a croquants-making workshop
Did you know?

La “bêtise” de Saint Paul
For Easter and Pentecost, the Saint Paul women used to make cakes.

A little over 300 years ago, getting the recipe wrong, they couldn’t roll out their dough.

So they decided to spread it out and add almonds and lemon zest. The biscotin was born…