Gorges St JaumeGorges St Jaume
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The Saint Jaume gorges

Between Caudiès and Fenouillet, a narrow path carved into the rock, between cliff and torrent leads to the heart of the Saint-Jaume gorges.

The coolness of the place, the small waterfalls, the dense vegetation and the murmur of the water are welcome on hot summer days.

The passage through the Saint-Jaume gorges takes about twenty minutes, but it’s enough to marvel at.

Follow here this beautiful hike between cliffs and torrents to reach Fenouillet, the former “capital” of Fenouillèdes.

Strolling around Fenouillet

and discover its rich heritage

Historic village located at the crossroads of ancient communication routes, the village of Fenouillet culminates at 530 meters on a rocky spur.

This geographical location gives it a strategic position, with notably the Château Saint-Pierre already in place before 800, seat of a Vicomté, successively dependent on the Counts of Toulouse, Barcelona or the Kings of Aragon. Two lines of fortifications protected the village, defended by two secondary castles: Castel Fizel and Sabarda.

Fenouillet retains traces of the castle, a rare example of seigniorial military architecture that was not altered after the crusade against the Cathars. Archaeological campaigns have enabled a major enhancement of this heritage.

Château St Pierre de Fenouillet
Château St Pierre de Fenouillet
Château St Pierre de Fenouillet