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The fortifications of Latour de France

Fenouillèdes was the frontier zone for nearly four centuries between the kingdoms of France and Aragon.

Latour-de-France, with its evocative name, was then a border post and commanded the outlets of the Agly valley.

The village of Latour de France boasts a significant built heritage.

The present bell tower bears witness to what was once an observation tower associated with the castle that served as a defense post and against which the present church was built in the 17th century, built to replace the old one, destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War.

The layout of the streets and the architecture of some of the houses confirm this evidence of a village built to defend itself against the aggressions associated with its border location.


Staying in Latour de France

The village boasts many assets: fishing along the Agly, the Tinei lake, an educational farm, pétanque and tennis courts, a rest and picnic area, a children’s playground, summer festivals and events and a starting point for hiking trails…