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An ancient occupation

Discover the dolmens of Fenouillèdes

Fenouillèdes harbors a wealth of prehistoric treasures, evidence of a very ancient occupation of the area: traces of Neanderthal man (-120,000 years ago), the first proven settlements on the banks of the Agly (-5800 years ago), widespread collective burials (-2000 years ago), bones and objects from the copper, bronze and iron ages (bracelet, vase, pin, ossuary).

The oldest remains are the dolmens, still visible at Ansignan, Feilluns, Trilla and Campoussy.


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More than 100 dolmens have been recorded in the Pyrénées Orientales department. It cannot be ruled out that, in addition to their function as burial sites, they may have served to delimit and mark the hold of a social group over the territory in which it was established.